Next generation benefits for the future of work

Burn to Give is a purpose-driven wellbeing and insurance platform. We empower organizations and employees to improve their health and wellbeing while making an impact in their communities.

Our Collective Wellbeing philosophy

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The secret of living is giving

Helping bring the best out of people by positively impacting the lives of others and our planet

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A safety net for everyone

Helping bring financial protection to all, whoever, and wherever they are

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Become the best version of yourself

Helping you live your best life across every spectrum of wellbeing

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Empowering you to take action

Helping you measure, analyze and improve your wellbeing with data-driven insights and smart recommendations

The future of work looks different.
Benefits, should too.



Fully-digital onboarding that takes only minutes



Fully portable benefits package that goes wherever you do



Flexible plans to meet individual needs and different lifestyles



Easy to manage, monthly subscription with the flexibility to cancel at any time



Instant and non-discriminatory insurance coverage with no medical questions or exams

Our Collective Wellbeing solution

Our unique approach to employee wellbeing rewards good habits with a dynamic life insurance cover that grows daily and converts every healthy activity into a charitable donation.

Social impact that’s built to motivate your team

We empower organizations and employees to improve their health and wellbeing while making an impact in their communities

Changing people’s lives by touching their hearts

Connect employee wellness with CSR by empowering your employees to give back

Inspiring lasting behavior change, one wellness challenge at a time

Life insurance you’ll use every day

For every 1 step you take you get $1 of no-cost life insurance coverage

A dynamic coverage that grows with your good habits every single day

Free online investment and pension savings account with no minimum balance and $0 commissions and fees

Speak to a doctor any time and from anywhere in the world

Wellbeing resources that you and your team will love

Wellbeing resources that you and your team will love

Earn rewards & discounts for healthy activities

Company-specific solutions to help manage employee health and wellbeing remotely and during COVID-19

Digital resources, on-demand virtual wellbeing classes and modern learning technology

Let data drive your wellbeing strategy

Empowering you to take control of your wellbeing

Gather valuable insights with actionable metrics

Next-gen technologies connected to support employee’s quality of life and pursuit of happiness

Mia tracks and rewards your daily activities so you can learn about your good and bad habits and how they impact your wellbeing

Really Simple Pricing.
No setup fees. No small print.

Burn to Give
$10 $12
+ VAT per employee/month
  • Corporate Giving
  • Corporate Benefits
  • Corporate Wellbeing
  • Corporate Insights
Burn to Give Plus
$20 $24
+ VAT per employee/month
  • All in Burn to Give
  • Dedicated Health Pro
  • Premium Benefits
  • Wearable

Look at the details


Burn to Give Burn to Give Plus
Corporate Giving
  • Charitable donations with good habits
  • Giving account: consolidated charitable giving (1)
  • Healthy challenges, groups and leaderboards
Corporate Benefits
  • Dynamic coverage that grows with good habits
  • Protection account: Insurance base coverage, Zero-fee investments account, Pension savings
  • 24/7 Telemedicine and Mental health support (2)
Corporate Wellbeing
  • Lifestyle rewards and discounts with good habits
  • Fitness, mindfulness, nutrition and wellbeing education apps and tools.
Corporate Insights
  • HR data-driven insights and reports
  • Admin dashboard, Web & Mobile App
  • AI Coach
Premium Features
  • 2X base insurance coverage
  • Unlimited telehealth
  • Transfer employee donations to your current CSR program or the non profits organizations you choose
  • Fitness Wearable
Seminars to choose
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Company-specific remote fitness & mindfulness classes and seminars
  • For employees to take if they leave the company
  • (1)

    Corporate and individual

  • (2)

    Five Telemedicine sessions and three Mental Health sessions included